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Special Events: those not regularly scheduled on our calendar, are listed in red.

Team Member Events: this event is open to those who have completed our Team Member Agreement, Waiver and Intake Assessment. If you have not completed these, you may do so at the first event you attend.
Prior to attending any Phoenix Multisport event, members are required to have a minimum of 48 hours of sobriety.

“If you can quit for a day, you can quit for a lifetime.”

– Benjamin Alire

Ambassador Athlete Program
Phoenix Multisport Ambassador Athletes represent our organization in various disciplines. This program is less about finishing at the top and more about making dreams come true and spreading the mission of Phoenix Multisport. Instead of seeing themselves as alcoholics or addicts, our Ambassadors form new positive identities through participation in sober activity, service work for our organization and commitment to helping others our community to discover their own goals and interests. Ambassador Athletes must adhere to the Team Member Agreement, have a strong presence as a team member and volunteer, be humble, generous, dedicated, responsible, and willing to speak publicly about sobriety and to display a passion for PM’s mission. PM provides our athletes with a race kit, one race entry per season up to $100(depending on level of commitment), employee pricing on PM merchandise, opportunities for subsidized trips when applicable and an invitation to a quarterly lunch with PM’s Director of Operations.

Apprentice Instructor Program
Our goal for members to help them replace their identities as alcoholics and addicts with that of sober athletes and mentors. Because we’re a peer-based organization, our employees are often asked how we became instructors at PM, and we’re happy to share: all of us started out as team members, became involved with the organization, began volunteering and improving our skills, and eventually were brought on as employees. Every instructor at PM has been hired through this process, and there isn’t a more fitting job for someone who is sober and living an active lifestyle. We encourage members to get started down this potential career path, and in some cases, we help individuals work toward certifications necessary to become PM instructors. Potential Apprentice Instructors display the following characteristics: adherence to the Team Member Agreement, a frequent presence as a team member and volunteer, humility, altruism, empathy, dedication, level-headedness, responsibility, and a desire to share their sober experiences and passion for PM’s mission with others. PM provides our apprentice instructors with employee pricing on PM merchandise, opportunities for subsidized trips, access to certain applicable pro deals and an invitation to a quarterly lunch with PM’s Director of Operations.
2015 TRI
Volunteer Programs & Opportunities
The Volunteer Program is an essential part of all PM operations. In order to provide daily events free of charge and to continue our expansion in Colorado and the rest of the country, we need a lot of help. PM is funded entirely through grants and individual donations, and volunteering is an extension of this willingness to give. We believe that volunteering and being of service to others is beneficial in working toward the formation of a positive sober identity. Volunteer opportunities are plentiful at PM and might include any of the following: seconding an instructor at active event, helping put together mailings to be sent out, working at an aid station for a race, supporting staff during a multisport trip, prepping for the opening of a new building, cleaning and organizing PM gear, spreading the mission of PM at an outreach event… the list goes on.

Through volunteering, Phoenix members further strengthen not only their own recovery but the recovery of hundreds of others. Volunteerism is highly encouraged both for Phoenix and other community organizations.

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