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Phoenix Multisport fosters a supportive, physically active community for individuals who are recovering from a substance use disorder and those who choose to live sober. Through pursuits such as climbing, hiking, running, strength training, yoga, road/mountain biking, socials and other activities, we seek to help our members develop and maintain the emotional strength they need to stay sober.

Phoenix’s goal is to expand people’s sober community while creating a safe environment.
People choosing to live a sober lifestyle often find it necessary to make changes to many aspects of their lives, including their socials circles, in order to maintain sobriety. Abrupt changes in lifestyle can lead to loss of support networks, and often cause people to become isolated. Sober people need to make new friends and discover new hobbies and interests, which can be difficult without the social lubricant of drugs or alcohol. Recognizing this challenge, PM makes every effort to remove barriers to getting involved with our sober community. We host daily, free events where the only requirement is to be sober. We are very welcoming to new members and encourage our regular members to get to know the new folks. In addition to offering our events at no charge, we also provide all necessary gear (the equipment required for the disciplines we teach is often very expensive and can deter people from taking up various sports, so PM removes these financial barriers to participation). Though we do not charge for membership, we do ask members to sign a Team Member Agreement. Some of the topics covered in this document include: a 48 hour sobriety policy, no tobacco use at PM events, appropriate behavior among team members, appropriate speech, public records checks, etc.

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Teach the skills and techniques necessary to enjoy our disciplines on your own and build a new identity as a sober athlete in place of a drug addict or alcoholic.
PM employs highly trained and skilled instructors who can relate to members on a shared commitment to sobriety and recovery. We host all levels of events ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert. We plan events and lead clinics that increase difficulty in succession in an effort to increase ability and proficiency of those who choose to participate. Our members also have access to discounts and pro deals to make it easier to acquire their own gear should they advance to a point where they no longer want to use “loaner” gear (which of course will always remain available). PM participant find partners of similar ability to enjoy the sport of their choice. We help people to see that there is much more to life than the short-lived thrills or emotional numbness offered by a pill or a bottle.

Activities we offer:


Phoenix Multisport Boxing will teach you the fundamentals and techniques involved in this discipline. This program is aimed for all skill levels, from first timers to the advanced fighter. Our boxing coaches pride themselves on taking their time with each athlete to ensure that he/she is learning this sport properly and efficiently!

climbingRock and ice climbing are the ultimate adrenaline sports, combining physical strength and agility with acute concentration and problem-solving abilities. Climbing breeds a mental clarity and sensory focus you’re unlikely to experience in any other pursuit. You won’t be thinking about work stress or petty problems when you’re 30 feet off the ground, looking for the next hold!

Climbing is also a great social sport and a good way to build trusting friendships. The relationship between climber and belayer is like no other. Learning to let go and put your life in someone’s hands isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding to do.

CrossFit begins with a belief in fitness. The aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness. We have sought to build a program that will best prepare trainees for any physical contingency — not only for the unknown, but for the unknowable. After looking at all sport and physical tasks collectively, we asked what physical skills and adaptations would most universally lend themselves to performance advantage. Capacity culled from the intersection of all sports demands would quite logically lend itself well to all sport. In sum, our specialty is not specializing.
Phoenix offers weekly hikes in the Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs areas. These hikes are a scenic experience with an emphasis on getting outside and enjoying time with friends, or making new friends with the same interests and passions as you. We host hikes year round at easily accessible locations like Chautauqua Park in Boulder or the Columbine Trail near Colorado Springs. In the winter months, we head up to the mountains with snowshoes and check out places like Brainard Lake, Lost Lake, and the Moffat tunnel area near Rollinsville. For those looking for a challenge or wanting to take it to the next level, we also host monthly training hikes up Sanitas, Flat Top Mountain, or Bear Peak. When you’re ready, we have three annual trips to hike 14ers such as Bierstad, Grey’s, and Torres, as well as one overnight trip (the location of which will be determined based on conditions). Though these are all fairly challenging adventures, the emphasis is always on the enjoyment of being outside with one another. These are great trips for anyone to join.
yogaPhoenix Multisport Mindfulness assits you in bringing awareness to the present experience on a ‘moment to moment’ basis. It can help you recognize habitual thought patterns and learn to respond to them in new ways. In the long run, Mindfulness often helps participants to relieve stress and anxiety while increasing awareness.
Phoenix Multisport offers mountain bike events for riders of all levels, including clinics designed specifically for beginners as well as advanced rides on technical terrain. As this can be a daunting sport to delve into, we provide very basic beginner clinics in which little technical ability or cardio endurance is necessary. Picture a wide, mostly flat dirt trail…if you are comfortable riding a bike on the road, you are ready to attend one of these clinics! We also provide bike maintenance clinics which cover pre-ride checks and making basic repairs on the trail. As your skill level improves, you can begin attending intermediate and advanced clinics and rides.
trail-runnerPhoenix Multisport’s running program is designed for runners and joggers of all levels. Are you an absolute beginner looking to give running a try? Hoping to finish your first 5k? Looking to shave a few seconds off the run leg in your next half-Ironman? We’ve got weekly runs designed for everybody, as well as special events every couple of months. Just check the calendar to find the best run for you.

As with anything, the biggest rewards come from stepping outside your comfort zone and doing things a little differently. At Phoenix you will find a supportive, safe place to take these risks, surrounded by other team members maintaining a sober lifestyle. As Phoenix Multisport continues to grow, you can expect even more options for honing your running skills and developing personal goals.


Scandinavians used primitive skis for transportation as long ago as 5000 B.C., the modern recreational sport began in the mid-19th century with the advent of telemark skis in Norway. Alpine skiing (with heels attached) grew in popularity in the US throughout the 1900s, but hit a plateau in the 1980’s as the limits of long skis began to be pushed. Around the same time, Snowboarding began to attract more young riders with new and exciting tricks. Eventually, skiers began to co-opt some of the elements of snowboarding, and skiing technology took a leap forward with shorter “parabolic” skis that allowed for a different style of skiing.

In the 1960’s and ‘70’s, inspired by the increasing popularity of surfing and skateboarding, pioneers like Jake Burton and Tom Sims began to commercially produce and market snowboards, and the sport took off in the late 1980’s. Initially there was a backlash from many skiers, and dozens of resorts banned snowboarding. In recent years, however, ski and snowboard designers began to share technologies, benefiting devotees of both sports, and the rivalry has all but died. Snowboarding remains a sport that challenges you with balance and training the mind to overcome adversity.

Sometimes it can be intimidating to step out of your comport zone and try something new with a new group of people, and for some the thought of getting involved with an active community is truly frightening. Phoenix Multisport offers non-athletic social activities as a way to get to know more about us and meet team members while relaxing with a cup of coffee at a coffee shop in town or at the coffee bar in our Champa location. We are also excited to introduce Arts and Crafts nights to our schedule, as well as special events such as slide shows, and guest speakers.

Building a community is a very important piece of Phoenix Multisport, and we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable doing so. Not all of our members or potential members are athletic, and some are intimidated by the thought of starting a new athletic activity. Our social events are a great way to get involved with us and meet other members of our community. Time after time we see new members excited to explore other activities Phoenix offers after attending a social event.

2015 ST 2Phoenix Multisport offers a number of strength-training options. Participants can learn an assortment of stretches, focus on various specific muscle groups, or work on discipline-specific strength for other sports (climbing, running, etc.). Our professional staff will guide you through basics like proper form for injury prevention, or the right combination of weight, sets and repetitions are appropriate to your specific goals. With a variety of instructors bringing different approaches, we keep our events interesting and fun. We also offer special clinics including Olympic Lifting, Kettle bell training, etc.

Strength training is really at the core of what Phoenix Multisport stands for: sober, ACTIVE lifestyle. Not everyone wants to scale a mountain or go for a long bike ride, but physical activity is extremely important to long-term well-being. Done properly, weight-training helps develop well-rounded strength. This may include learning stretches to maintain flexibility or dynamic movements to increase power. Many of the movements we teach at strength training can be practiced in the comforts of one’s own home.

Phoenix Multisport is happy to offer yoga classes to our community. Classes are for all levels and experience. Yoga is a great way to balance your body while participating in other Phoenix events that are more physically demanding.

Yoga is an outstanding way to connect mind and body to find relaxation through movement. Yoga combines breath and movement, which helps to bring balance. Phoenix Multisport yoga classes are adaptive, so all skill levels are welcome. Our classes are fun and restorative. All of the PM yoga teachers are encouraging and supportive. Along with teaching classes for PM members, we also teach yoga at treatment centers and for the integrated drug treatment courts in Colorado. The benefits of yoga go far beyond a physical level and Phoenix Multisport is proud to offer this wonderful gift to the community.

“What is addiction, really? It is a sign, a signal, a symptom of distress. It is a language that tells us about a plight that must be understood.”

– Alice Miller

Workforce Development Program
The Workforce Development Program allows Phoenix Team Members to pursue a career path in health and wellness. Our experienced coaches and mentors help Trainees to prepare for the NASM personal training certification exam or the CrossFit Level 1 exam. After passing the exam, Trainees gain valuable work experience by coaching Per Ignem CrossFit classes and working one-on-one with personal training clients. There are several requirements to participate, including a minimum of six months sobriety, six months participation with Phoenix Multisport, and demonstrated adherence to our Mission and Code of Conduct. For more information, email Dana Smith

Volunteer Programs & Opportunities
The Volunteer Program is an essential part of all Phoenix Multisport operations. In order to provide daily events free of charge and to continue our expansion in Colorado and the rest of the country, we need a lot of help. Phoenix Multisport is almost funded entirely through grants and individual donations, and volunteering is an extension of this willingness to give. We believe that volunteering and being of service to others is beneficial in working toward the formation of a positive sober identity. Volunteer opportunities are plentiful at Phoenix Multisport and might include any of the following: seconding an instructor at active event, helping put together mailings to be sent out, working at an aid station for a race, supporting staff during a multisport trip, prepping for the opening of a new building, cleaning and organizing Phoenix Multisport gear, spreading the mission of PM at an outreach event… the list goes on.

Through volunteering, Phoenix Multisport members further strengthen not only their own recovery but the recovery of hundreds of others. Volunteerism is highly encouraged both for Phoenix and other community organizations. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kristen Starra

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